You can contact Property NSW at:

Property NSW
Level 4, 66 Harrington Street, Sydney NSW 2000
GPO Box 4081 Sydney NSW 2001
T: +61 2 9240 8500

Property NSW is officially registered in the Australian Business Register under the ABN 91 840 597 406.
Place Management NSW is registered under the ABN 51 437 725 177.

Teacher Housing Authority of NSW is registered under the ABN 50 007 468 870. Visit Teacher Housing Authority.

Waste Assets Management Corporation is registered under the ABN 56 784 733 957. Visit Waste Assets Management Corporation.

Filming and venue hire opportunities
In line with the government's Making NSW Film Friendly policy, Property NSW supports the NSW screen industry and where possible, will facilitate access to Property NSW owned and/or managed properties and places for filming purposes.

Property NSW is also responsible for a number of public domain areas and venues in The Rocks and Darling Harbour that are available for hire.

If you wish to enquire about venue hire or filming in any of our precincts, including The Rocks or Darling Harbour, please contact or call reception on (02) 9240 8500.

For further information on venue hire, commercial signage opportunities, vessel bookings and filming and photography visit

At Darling Harbour, we encourage opportunities for performances that add to the colour and vibrancy of the public domain, including buskers who contribute entertainment and thought-provoking experiences for visitors.

Busking permits are issued to make sure we have a diverse range of acts that are safe and benefit our unique precincts.

Busking during the COVID outbreak

Before applying for a busking permit, make sure your act complies with the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority Busking Policy.

Apply as an individual

Apply as a individual under 18+

Apply as a group

Media enquiries
The Media Unit is the primary point of contact for news organisations. Contact us for interviews, speakers and special requests.

Staff in the unit are available 24 hours a day, daily via an on-call pager service.
Telephone 0428 234 449 (please do not text this number) or email

Property NSW also maintains a dedicated precinct media enquiries service. If you are seeking information about our events and activations, please contact or call (02) 9240 8533.

Foreshore management security and maintenance requests
Information regarding security and maintenance requests is available by telephone 1300 275 223 (1300 2 PLACE) or email For maintenance issues regarding non-foreshore Government Property assets, please call (02) 9273 3800.

For any other enquiries related to Darling Harbour, email us at